Newtility is an engineering firm focused on providing Systems Integration mixed with traditional protection & control/electrical engineering services for renewable and distributed power generation, in addition to the most challenging industrial automation projects.

West Lake Power, LTD

West Lake Power Ltd. is incorporated in the State of Delaware. Through its partner companies, the technical staff of West Lake Power Ltd. have accumulated over 145 years of experience.

West Lake Power strives for providing quality, efficient and reliable professional service in the substation engineering area for the electric power utilities and industrial plants. 

Silvernail Engineering, PLLC

Silvernail Engineering can support you with development, construction, and operations in power generation, T&D, and industrial infrastructure.

Specializing in services for the independent power producers and industrial facility owners, we understand the challenges of contractual and time constraints around project performance. Given tight margins in today’s project financing and operations, scaling the right technical support to the job at hand is our specialty.

Utility Services, Inc.

Utility Services is a service organization specializing in NERC Compliance, Reliability, and Security Programs.  Whether it is registration, compliance documents, audits, corrective action plans, NERC Alerts, periodic data submittals/self-Certifications, or understanding standards, You can Rely on US!

Network & Security Technologies

We are a nationally recognized, employee-owned and operated consulting firm that, since 2003, serves electric utility market participants with cyber security services focused on NERC CIP, and has been since the UA 1200 Reliability Standards. We also successfully provide educational, financial, hospitality, and manufacturing institutions with control system and communication network reliability, and cyber security consulting services.