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With high level utility experience, we understand how to execute projects and programs with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness. An intrinsic understanding of the processes and of the work drives all System Protection and Control services, including: 

Relay Settings Development

IRONHOUSE provides Relay Setting Development for Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, Distribution Operators, and Municipalities in the Electric Utility industry, including:

  • Logic Diagrams
  • Settings Calculations
  • Operational Guides
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Relay Settings

Testing & Comissioning Services

  • Commissioning Management
  • Lead Commissioning Engineering
  • Relay Testing
  • Relay Test Macro Development & Lab Testing
  • Automation & Integration Commissioning
  • Testing Oversight
  • Outage Sequence Planning
  • Test Data Review
  • Remote Field Support
  • Data Analysis
  • Power Quality Monitoring

Event Analysis

Event Investigation & Root Cause Analysis provides valuable understanding about the health of an entities protection system, and IRONHOUSE provides all services including:

  • Event Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • NERC Misoperation Reporting (MIDAS)

Owners Engineering Services

IRONHOUSE provides Owners Engineering (OE) Services for Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, Distribution Operators, and Municipalities, including:

  • Scoping (including remote ends)
  • Conceptual Design
  • Review & Oversight During Design
  • Ensure design QA/QC methods are applied
  • Ensure adherence to Design Standards
  • RFI Review and Coordination

Crossbow Consulting Services

We maximize the value of RUGGEDCOM CROSSBOW systems by:

  • Ensuring the system is meeting both compliance and operation needs
  • Providing assessment of the system as related to access policies and password management
  • Delivering recommendations on the use of CROSSBOW beyond password management

We can act as the administrator of CROSSBOW system and provide additional services including:

  • Add new devices
  • Assess new releases in a quality environment
  • Recommend upgrades after quality testing
  • Ensure continuous operation of the CROSSBOW software

Quality Assurance Reviews/Audits

IRONHOUSE provides Quality Assurance Program Development and Consulting Services for Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, Distribution Operators, and Municipalities in the industry. We audit programs and assess:

  • Designs
  • Processes
  • In-service systems and programs

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

IRONHOUSE provides consulting services for Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, Distribution Operators, and Municipalities in the industry on MPLS designs and implementation. This includes:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Architecture Review
  • Operational Implementation Strategies

System Protection Studies

IRONHOUSE has experience performing coordination, clearing time, and system impact studies for system protection groups throughout the industry.

Line Impedence Model

IRONHOUSE has experience generating and validating line impedance models.



We empower our clients to better understand complex requirements and develop solutions to become self sufficient and successful. With our partners, we deliver compliance services from high level procedures to day-to-day technicalities, including:

Compliance Program Management

IRONHOUSE provides NERC and Regional Regulatory Compliance Program Management Services including:

  • Patch Management
  • Password Management
  • Gap Mitigation Program Execution
  • Risk Assessment(s)
  • Compliance Remediation & Mitigation Planning
  • Audit Preparation & Mock Audit
  • Compliance Technology Evaluation & Assessment
  • Active Regulation Standard Development Monitoring & Alerting

Standard Engineering
Analysis & Development

IRONHOUSE provides NERC and Regional Regulatory Compliance Standard Engineering Analysis & Development including:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Control Evaluation (ICE) Preparation
  • Standard Audit Worksheet (RSAW) Preparation
  • BES Cyber System Categorization Review
  • Patch Management Program Development
  • Password Management Program Development
  • Baseline Configuration Management Program Development
  • Recovery Plans Program Management Development
  • Cyber Security Systems Electronic Security Perimeter Review
  • NPCC System Protection Review Form (SPRF) Preparation & Presentation
  • O&P Settings Evaluation
  • Fault Event Analysis
  • Relay Maintenance Test Plan Development

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